Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Surprise Hit! (Item listed as medium spicy to hot)

I wasn't planning on going to the Basement Remix Sessions at the Bowery last night... but the organizers called me last minute saying it had turned from a hot-Tuesday-event to a can't miss, once a season chart topper.

They didn't lie. Those are big expectations to live up to, but it was incredible. The crowd was an amazing mix of scenesters, socialites and artsy avant guardettes, and amazingly, the place was packed before 930, but never had a line. Maybe that's because admission was through the kitchen's staff exit.

Leona Hartzimeyer showed up at 11, right when I was thinking of heading out( I do work after all) and having not seen that girl in months, I decided to stay a while. Leona is the funniest non-comedienne you'll ever meet. For those of you not familiar, she's the gorgeous raven haired Page Six regular. Honestly, I've never seen a photo where the person beside her isn't similing, or laughing. Last night turned out to be a bit of an exception because (and here's a scoop I may just beat Page 6 to...) well, she broke up with Harvey. At the event. In the middle of the dance floor. 

Poor guy. Leona is a sweet girl, but what was she thinking, with such a public break up? The gossip will go crazy, and even if she had her reasons she'll be painted as a heartbreaker. Oh well, Harvey is a catch, I'm sure hs phone has been ringing off the the hook.

There was an incredible line up of dj's - all young, none of them brand names yet. If it had been a Friday, or even a Thursday, this place would have been off the hook wild.

Anyway, that's it for now. Love and scandal and lots of burning ears today!

xo, Mel

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