Friday, April 25, 2008


Ok, you guys have been around for a lot of drama... but this is particularly weird.
Someone just left this comment on the blog in response to my last post with pics from the birthday party... and I don't know what it's about but my stomach sort of did one of those flips, you know?

I've re-read it a few times. I'm guessing maybe, maybe it has something to do with Flickr, because it rhymes (I'm not totally backwater) but I don't really know how to decode this kind of message the way some of you do.

I really don't know why anyone would send this to me?

If anyone knows what this means, or can help me figure it out, I'd really appreciate it :)

Thanks... Feelin' unsteady.... Melissa

Anonymous lova ya said...

confessions of an ugly step sister
there once was a couple that never did bicker
if they got any sweeter it would make us all sicker
she left the ball early
and forgot her glass shoe
the question, miss perfect
is what(who) did prince charming do?

April 25, 2008 9:34 AM



Here are some promised pics guys!

I am so exhausted, I can't even tell you, but a promise is a promise and I didn't want to keep you waiting. 

I had to wake up so early this morning it almost would have been worth just staying up all night... then at least I wouldn't have had to leave the party early... Although if you scroll down you'll see I wasn't the only one who was tired!


Thursday, April 24, 2008

I love birthdays!

Ok, just a short post because I'm just about to run out the door and get things ready for tonights birthday party. It's just a little one, but really it's all of Annabelle's nearest and dearest.

Can't say more except that it's going to be a super fun night! (Oh, except that I'm going to have to duck out early because Anderson - my boss - wants me on site tomorrow at 5am!)

Will post pics as soon as I can!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Surprise Hit! (Item listed as medium spicy to hot)

I wasn't planning on going to the Basement Remix Sessions at the Bowery last night... but the organizers called me last minute saying it had turned from a hot-Tuesday-event to a can't miss, once a season chart topper.

They didn't lie. Those are big expectations to live up to, but it was incredible. The crowd was an amazing mix of scenesters, socialites and artsy avant guardettes, and amazingly, the place was packed before 930, but never had a line. Maybe that's because admission was through the kitchen's staff exit.

Leona Hartzimeyer showed up at 11, right when I was thinking of heading out( I do work after all) and having not seen that girl in months, I decided to stay a while. Leona is the funniest non-comedienne you'll ever meet. For those of you not familiar, she's the gorgeous raven haired Page Six regular. Honestly, I've never seen a photo where the person beside her isn't similing, or laughing. Last night turned out to be a bit of an exception because (and here's a scoop I may just beat Page 6 to...) well, she broke up with Harvey. At the event. In the middle of the dance floor. 

Poor guy. Leona is a sweet girl, but what was she thinking, with such a public break up? The gossip will go crazy, and even if she had her reasons she'll be painted as a heartbreaker. Oh well, Harvey is a catch, I'm sure hs phone has been ringing off the the hook.

There was an incredible line up of dj's - all young, none of them brand names yet. If it had been a Friday, or even a Thursday, this place would have been off the hook wild.

Anyway, that's it for now. Love and scandal and lots of burning ears today!

xo, Mel

Monday, April 21, 2008

Rising up from the dead....

Wrong season, I know, Halloween is fall, and I just posted a huge long love note to spring the other day.

But, I am back.

Sorry I was gone so long (ok, a weekend isn't that long. Every girl should be allowed a weekend off!) I thought it would just be a day off but I had some thinking to do, some catching up on sleep to do (yawn, yawn) and once I was with my parents... well, the home cooked meals were hard to leave.

But.... I promise I'm back in my spirits, and that this should be a fun week. Annabelle's birthday is this week, which means party time!



Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Social Life is off for the night...

Ever have one of those days where everyone seems to need to talk to you? Where every person you work with has an urgent matter for you to look at, and where every single person you've ever met since kindergarten calls "just because" or "just to say hi"?

One of those days where you're in a meeting and a minute feels like 20, where it takes what feels like all of the energy in your entire being just to keep your eyes open?

That was today.

Needless to say, while this grand city never sleeps... I desperately need to!

That said, I'm taking the night off... you on the other hand should go out and have fun for me :) And send me some comments about your amazing evening that I can read while I'm in a bubble bath, or cuddled up in a comfy down comforter...

(Don't worry, we're back at it tomorrow night!)


Monday, April 14, 2008

Springtime in the City

It's official!

Summer is here. Well... Spring, at least. But judging from my toe-count of flip flops (as opposed to rainboots) stomping through SOHO this weekend, I'm going to go out on a limb and say "let patio season begin!"

Honestly, I think everyone was in a great mood this weekend. I'm sure the only one's who aren't skipping through the day are the city's therapists who keep getting cancellations from giddy clients too happy out in the fresh breeze to make their appointments.

I went to two baqrbeques this weekend! Crazy right? It's not even the middle of may, and our winter wasn't even that bad. You know, I get this feeling that deep inside everyone has a simmering intuition that this summer is going to be amazing, one for the books, and no one can wait for it to begin.

The first barebeque (how does anyone outside of Texas know how to spell that word?!) was an amazing - impormptu - rooftop party hosted by the Jezebel Sisters last night. It was a "what are you doing in half an hour - drop your plans - no if's and's or but's" -type event. There have been a lot of great Sunday night parties recently. Ouch!

I don't know how they did it, but in under 2 hours (come on girls, are you telling me this wasn't at all preplanned) they covered their entire park-side roof top in amazing floral arrangements. Not only was it beautiful, they were all fruit plants, pretty blossoming strawberry bushes and lattices with tumbling bunches of grapes (aren't grapes a fall fruit?). It was amazing. Actually, maybe even a good idea for the wedding bouquets now that i think of it... They have some fantastic friends from Spain who were in town, a couple DJ's...

The night before, Saturday, Jake and I had dinner with my parents. I don't know if I've mentioned before how much my parents love Jake. They really do. I guess he's the son my dad never had. It's sweet. We sat on a patio in Soho and drank watermelon martinis (fresh not canned) - how much more summery can you get. Of course it was them who skipped out on us early, running off to another soirée at Donna's (you know, the fashion designer...)

So, it's official. Yes. Spring, summer, whatever you call it, I'll take them all. get your sunglasses out girls ;)


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Can't we just take them all??

On lunch yesterday Annabelle and I went shopping to look for a dress for an upcoming PS1 event. (I'll post more on the actual event soon, I promise!)

Here are some of the options we tried. Annabelle was looking for something turquoise, it's her favorite color. I was originally thinking emerald green, but I think I'm leaning towards the violet.

Your 2 cents?

Annabelle's Birthday! (Shhhh)

I've never been able to throw a surprise party for anyone, because I'm horrible with keeping secrets.

Really, I can barely even contain it when I've bought an amazing birthday gift for someone, the excitement just bubbles up inside, and not sharing that secret nugget because a full time job.

I wanted to do something special for Annabelle this year; Since we've been working together we have bonded so much, and she deserves a great celebration.

Here's the invite I sent out. Sorry guys, unlike last night, this one is close friends only, and invitation needed to get in the door. We're throwing it at Jake's place since my washroom is being renovated (new tiles!)

So, it's on a Thursday... Which means we all still have to set our alarms to wake up early the next day... But it's almost the weekend, and if that's the price you've got to pay, so be it, right? ;)

A Night Out at The Nickel

Thanks to all of you who came out last night. Wow, I was really blown away by your support and enthusiasm. It ended up being a pretty cool night, right? What did I say, it's a great destination isn't it? Just beware... it's a cozy (small) place and fills up quickly, so without the sociallifeny list, it might be tough to get in next time.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Something old, Something new

I realize that I haven't posted anything related to my wedding yet. Well, except for the Times article, below. But I thought it was about time to let you all in on how things were progressing. Planning a wedding is HARD!!! If it wasn't for my mom, I'd be lost. Honestly, when you need the caterers they're nowhere to be found, but when you're busy with other things (oh I don't know, say, working, social life, blog...) they have tastings scheduled every quarter of the hour. At least they're usually delicious, and work with that whole "small meals" lifestyle ;)

Today I have to decide between flowers. I really think there's no wrong answer, but I'm leaning towards natural and rustic as opposed to big and fancy. Here are the final two samples, I've had them in my apartment for a few days, just feeling them out. Lilacs smell divine!

There was a pink bouquet with roses, and these little berries, beautiful also... but everyone does roses. And lilacs remind me of my childhood, having beautiful trees blossoming outside my bedroom window.

I'm sure you've all heard of "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" right? Here's how my assortment of good luck novelties have come to be:

OLD: My mother has passed down my great grandmother's engagement ring.
NEW: The lovely Ms. Annabelle Freeman (a bridesmaid!) has decided that my "something new" should come in a box marked "Christian Louboutin." Who am I to disagree?!
BORROWED: Vera is lending me one of her couture dresses, what a doll, right?
BLUE: Eye shadow? nail polish? Haha, I haven't decided... Any ideas?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

heads up!

Heads up guys!

There's a new place on my radar recently - The Nickel - over on the outskirts of the meatpacking district.

I was going to go by this week and do a review, they have amazing events almost every night, you can't go wrong.

But then I had a brilliant idea... Since sociallifeny is just starting back up... Why not let you guys know in advance that I'll be going so you can JOIN me?! Yes!

This place is almost as awesome as their mac n cheese, and that's what makes it so fun, so NOW. It's like moms kitchen, a 3 am post party diner, and an incredible underground style hub all mixed into one. The atmosphere is amazing, there's unbelievable art on the wall, great music, great staff. Owner Raine Greerson is totally a visionary.

So... I'm thinking... Friday

Rockin' the New

Last night was the Eco Rock bash at the New Museum.

A lot of hipsters (like, cutting edge hipsters, no "chic" mullets), rockers, and artists mixing with socialites and wannabees (you know who you are, and I say it with love) to raise money for Eco Rush, a new biodiversity initiative being launched in pilot suburban towns across America. It's funny right, hipsters partying at the new Museum til the wee hours of the night to raise money for the O.C? There was a giant poster of a soccer mom standing outside of a jail cell with her SUV mini van trapped behind bars as the branding of the event.

What's the guys name from the verve? Ashton? Anson? (Sorry, I'm exhausted tonight) He was there briefly. You know who else. Dolores from the Cranberries, with an amazing haircut and outfit, amazing. It was a great event all in all and really successful. A hot party where people feel like they're giving back is a recipe for success. (You hear that party planners?? More bashes with a cause)

After that I hijacked a select handful of partygoers and we went to the Bowery Hotel for a night cap. Actually now that i think of it, I've never seen a room there. If you've stayed in a room there, let me know. Comment or post pics or something... Now I'm really curious!

Annabel, my dear sweet friend, was my plus one for the evening. If she wasn't so hung up on a certain someone we both know - I won't name names for professional reasons - I would have made the effort to match her an - oh WHAT is his name? I have to Google it now. Exhausted though.

Love to you all, love, love, love,

Monday, April 7, 2008

Light Fills Up the Sky

I'm sure all of you who live in New York noticed the bands of light reaching up through the sky last night. In fact, I wouldn't doubt it if they were visible from Ohio!

Last night was the opening night of Cosmic Heartbreak, a huge public art display of colored industrial size search lights that fade when they intersect. I'm so thrilled to say that I was a part of this project! The collaboration with Andre Machon and the Pink Elevator Co-Op was an unbelievable experience. I guarantee in 5 years Pink Elevator will be mass market (or at least being wooed by the big guys).

Honestly, last night was incredible beyond my wildest dreams - seeing the project up and running just took my breath away, and the outpouring of support- spectacular. I just want to make sure for those of you who read this remotely (Hi Sandra in San Diego! Jay in Vancouver! Call outs to those of you all the way on the other coast) that you can feel what this experience was like.

You know the rush of falling in love, where your heart sinks into your stomach and your skin warms up?

So -- the event. Michael Stipe showed up... AND Chuck D. I mean, these are classic New Yorkers, and for a scene like this, as good as it gets. (Both are the favorite CD's of my youth!) Of course, being a light show it couldn't start before dark, and because it was such a hit the party went well into the night. Of course it was a Sunday night, but for this crowd that only raised the cachet.

Anyway, I have to get to work!! (yes its 10:30 already. They all came out to the event last night, so they're probably just rolling in now too) So for now, I say goodbye, and hope that all of you can really open your eyes to the world today and see something so beautiful it makes you feel like you've just fallen in love!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Your Comments...

I can't believe that I didn't turn anonymous comments on. Lol. Fixed now.

We're all friends and I love hearing from you... if you leave your name I'll try and get back to you, otherwise, leave your comments as part of the discussion. In fact, if you know of an amazing event going on, send it my way and maybe I can check it out.


Welcome to Social Life

Hi and welcome!

To those of you who used to follow the Melissa NY blog, here I am, I'm back, and thanks for sticking around. I promise the same stories, the same inside scoop from NY social events, and more!

For those of you just stumbling across this, here's a little back story:

My name is Melissa Havergal, I am a thoroughbred New Yorker who loves this city as if it was a part of myself. In a way I guess it is an extension of myself, the Park, the shops, the rush of traffic, the constant hum of activity, and most of all the people. This city is full of incredible, amazing, off the wall, and very talented people.

My dad, for those of you who don't know, is a developer. So maybe that's where I got this deep love of the city from. I remember being 5, and him pointing out the details of architecture and design, the amazing character and personality of Manhattan, from every angle. I guess it's not surprising I ended up in architectural design. (And a cool Co-Op called Pink Elevator... Wait for posts)

Here's the other thing, for those of you just catching up: Because of my family's deep roots in the city, and my dad's role here, I've been going to social events here for longer than I can remember. They're fun -- don't get me wrong, they can get tedious, and sometimes another miniature summer roll or micro-sized-micro green and lobster club sandwich is enough to make you beg for a Coke and a bowl of matza ball soup! But, from fashion shows, to charity events, to social celebrations, a party is a party, full of gorgeous people, and ever more gorgeous outfits, and what's really fun about them is sharing them with you.

See the thing is, I don't write about socialites. That's not what Social Life is about. Social Life is about the pulse of this amazing city, and it's incredible inhabitants. Sure, I could tell you about the balls and the luncheons, and sometimes I do, but most of the time I'll write about some of the smaller events - dinner parties, concerts, openings, the things that are actually the most interesting to me... And probably to you too. Maybe a few years ago the bigger parties were more fun, but with papparazzi and all the flash over the past few years, it's gotten a bit tacky. You've seen it all before, who wants to hear another story of another debutante gone wild? Like anything, there are different scenes, and that one just seems so predictable now.

Before I sign off from this first "welcome back" post -- a few more details, since this is about social life. Maybe some of you heard, or read it in the New York times announcements... Jake and I got engaged last fall! (I know, has the site really been down that long?!) It was the most picture perfect moment, I don't know how he did it. We were in Central Park. walking to meet up with friends for lunch. There was a tourguide strolling around the South Side of the park and Jake said "let's pretend we're tourists" I don't know why, but I went along with it. And it was fun. Anyway, he's telling us the history of the different trees, Louis Carrol, all this rich culture about Central Park, and he says "let me take your picture, say cheese." And Jake, instead, gets down on one knee! He's still got the photo, let me get a copy from him and I'll share it with all of you!

So for now, I say goodbye, but not for long. And remember, I love getting your feedback!

xox Melissa