Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rockin' the New

Last night was the Eco Rock bash at the New Museum.

A lot of hipsters (like, cutting edge hipsters, no "chic" mullets), rockers, and artists mixing with socialites and wannabees (you know who you are, and I say it with love) to raise money for Eco Rush, a new biodiversity initiative being launched in pilot suburban towns across America. It's funny right, hipsters partying at the new Museum til the wee hours of the night to raise money for the O.C? There was a giant poster of a soccer mom standing outside of a jail cell with her SUV mini van trapped behind bars as the branding of the event.

What's the guys name from the verve? Ashton? Anson? (Sorry, I'm exhausted tonight) He was there briefly. You know who else. Dolores from the Cranberries, with an amazing haircut and outfit, amazing. It was a great event all in all and really successful. A hot party where people feel like they're giving back is a recipe for success. (You hear that party planners?? More bashes with a cause)

After that I hijacked a select handful of partygoers and we went to the Bowery Hotel for a night cap. Actually now that i think of it, I've never seen a room there. If you've stayed in a room there, let me know. Comment or post pics or something... Now I'm really curious!

Annabel, my dear sweet friend, was my plus one for the evening. If she wasn't so hung up on a certain someone we both know - I won't name names for professional reasons - I would have made the effort to match her an - oh WHAT is his name? I have to Google it now. Exhausted though.

Love to you all, love, love, love,

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe I missed the Eco Bash!! I had such an insane night on the Street trying to patch up corpor... nevermind that - WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE???