Monday, April 7, 2008

Light Fills Up the Sky

I'm sure all of you who live in New York noticed the bands of light reaching up through the sky last night. In fact, I wouldn't doubt it if they were visible from Ohio!

Last night was the opening night of Cosmic Heartbreak, a huge public art display of colored industrial size search lights that fade when they intersect. I'm so thrilled to say that I was a part of this project! The collaboration with Andre Machon and the Pink Elevator Co-Op was an unbelievable experience. I guarantee in 5 years Pink Elevator will be mass market (or at least being wooed by the big guys).

Honestly, last night was incredible beyond my wildest dreams - seeing the project up and running just took my breath away, and the outpouring of support- spectacular. I just want to make sure for those of you who read this remotely (Hi Sandra in San Diego! Jay in Vancouver! Call outs to those of you all the way on the other coast) that you can feel what this experience was like.

You know the rush of falling in love, where your heart sinks into your stomach and your skin warms up?

So -- the event. Michael Stipe showed up... AND Chuck D. I mean, these are classic New Yorkers, and for a scene like this, as good as it gets. (Both are the favorite CD's of my youth!) Of course, being a light show it couldn't start before dark, and because it was such a hit the party went well into the night. Of course it was a Sunday night, but for this crowd that only raised the cachet.

Anyway, I have to get to work!! (yes its 10:30 already. They all came out to the event last night, so they're probably just rolling in now too) So for now, I say goodbye, and hope that all of you can really open your eyes to the world today and see something so beautiful it makes you feel like you've just fallen in love!

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Anonymous said...

Is that what that was? I was walking from 14th to 23rd and I saw this amazing -- I don't even know what to call it -- in the sky. WOW, MELISSA!!! ANd Michael Stipe??? SO Cool?! How do you do it, haha!?