Friday, April 25, 2008


Here are some promised pics guys!

I am so exhausted, I can't even tell you, but a promise is a promise and I didn't want to keep you waiting. 

I had to wake up so early this morning it almost would have been worth just staying up all night... then at least I wouldn't have had to leave the party early... Although if you scroll down you'll see I wasn't the only one who was tired!



Jake said...

cute pics babe.

it was really sweet of you to throw that party...

now there's the task of cleanup

Anonymous said...

your freinds are sweaty

melissa.havergal said...

it was hot. what else can i say ;)

Anita C said...

last night looks like so much fun!

we would have LOVED to have been there if we weren't in monaco... which by the way is gorgeous, as usual!

you two are such dolls,

lova ya said...

confessions of an ugly step sister

there once was a couple that never did bicker

if they got any sweeter it would make us all sicker

she left the ball early

and forgot her glass shoe

the question, miss perfect
is what(who) did prince charming do?

lova ya said...

figure it out bitch.