Tuesday, April 8, 2008

heads up!

Heads up guys!

There's a new place on my radar recently - The Nickel - over on the outskirts of the meatpacking district.

I was going to go by this week and do a review, they have amazing events almost every night, you can't go wrong.

But then I had a brilliant idea... Since sociallifeny is just starting back up... Why not let you guys know in advance that I'll be going so you can JOIN me?! Yes!

This place is almost as awesome as their mac n cheese, and that's what makes it so fun, so NOW. It's like moms kitchen, a 3 am post party diner, and an incredible underground style hub all mixed into one. The atmosphere is amazing, there's unbelievable art on the wall, great music, great staff. Owner Raine Greerson is totally a visionary.

So... I'm thinking... Friday


Anonymous said...

isn't it a little dangerous to be letting random stranger know where you'll be on any given night? geez.

jewels said...

Hey Melissa...its Jewels.
Thanks for the link. I added you too :) Love your style.

And PS: So jealous you saw Micheal Stipe this week. I've been obsessed with REM ever since Dylan played "Losing My Religion" on the Peach Pit jukebox after he and Brenda broke up.