Monday, April 14, 2008

Springtime in the City

It's official!

Summer is here. Well... Spring, at least. But judging from my toe-count of flip flops (as opposed to rainboots) stomping through SOHO this weekend, I'm going to go out on a limb and say "let patio season begin!"

Honestly, I think everyone was in a great mood this weekend. I'm sure the only one's who aren't skipping through the day are the city's therapists who keep getting cancellations from giddy clients too happy out in the fresh breeze to make their appointments.

I went to two baqrbeques this weekend! Crazy right? It's not even the middle of may, and our winter wasn't even that bad. You know, I get this feeling that deep inside everyone has a simmering intuition that this summer is going to be amazing, one for the books, and no one can wait for it to begin.

The first barebeque (how does anyone outside of Texas know how to spell that word?!) was an amazing - impormptu - rooftop party hosted by the Jezebel Sisters last night. It was a "what are you doing in half an hour - drop your plans - no if's and's or but's" -type event. There have been a lot of great Sunday night parties recently. Ouch!

I don't know how they did it, but in under 2 hours (come on girls, are you telling me this wasn't at all preplanned) they covered their entire park-side roof top in amazing floral arrangements. Not only was it beautiful, they were all fruit plants, pretty blossoming strawberry bushes and lattices with tumbling bunches of grapes (aren't grapes a fall fruit?). It was amazing. Actually, maybe even a good idea for the wedding bouquets now that i think of it... They have some fantastic friends from Spain who were in town, a couple DJ's...

The night before, Saturday, Jake and I had dinner with my parents. I don't know if I've mentioned before how much my parents love Jake. They really do. I guess he's the son my dad never had. It's sweet. We sat on a patio in Soho and drank watermelon martinis (fresh not canned) - how much more summery can you get. Of course it was them who skipped out on us early, running off to another soirée at Donna's (you know, the fashion designer...)

So, it's official. Yes. Spring, summer, whatever you call it, I'll take them all. get your sunglasses out girls ;)


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Jezebel said...

Ms. Havergal thanks for the shout out! We always love having you guys!