Monday, June 9, 2008

Turning the Tables

I noticed yesterday that an anonymous reader left a comment suggesting that my email be hacked.

I almost don't know what to say. Yes I, Melissa Havergal, am for once at a loss for words.

Has this suddenly turned into a trust game? You didn't find enough evidence with Annabelle and now you're turning on me? This is crazy! Maybe it was wrong of me to even think of, or suggest, hacking their accounts - it came in a moment of weakness, of absolute desperation.

Now, as much as I'm trying to move on, I can't. Each step drags me backwards. But hacking my account? Please, if there's something you want from me, just ask.


shannaBananna said...

tell us about RAINE.

Anonymous said...

yeah, wow melissa you bounce back fast... how long have you known raine for? you posted about his restaurant back when you were still "happy" with jake