Monday, June 2, 2008

everything has changed

It's a funny thing, friendship.

So many of you have really come to my side to help me out in the past month, and I truly thank you for that.

So much has changed in such a short amount of time. Probably the biggest thing that happened was Jake and I calling off our engagement. It was really painful, first the questions about what happened with him and Annabelle, then how it all played out so publicly. My parents really loved Jake too, and despite any problems we had had, they always stood by him, so this really was a blow to them as well.

I stopped working at Gorman and associates -- it was too much to see Annabelle every day, and have started my own boutique marketing firm. I was doing so much "geurilla PR" before, it really only made sense.

Anyway -- back to SocialLife! Sorry for all the drama (although welcome to all my new friends and readers)... Last night there was an amazing event at the Museum of Natural History, with artists and musicians and historians all discussing ethics and art and the future of humanity. It got pretty heavy, having pop stars, artistes and academics in one conversation... But the pay off was a fascinating night and an incredible after party!

xox, more soon,


Anonymous said...

What happened? Did we ever find out? I looked at Annabelle AND Jake's Gmail accounts, and unless they cleared anything incriminating it doesn't look like there's anything going on between them. Jake's password is the date of your engagement it looks like he's pretty in love with you, what gives? We need more detail

Annabelle said...

Melissa, maybe if your "friends" and followers knew who you took to the AMNH event last night it would answer a few of these questions.

mandakk said...

wait, who did she take? why don't YOU just tell us whats with the games youre just a trapm why should anyone even believe you

MelissasFRIEND said...

she took this guy Raine who owns a restaurant called the Nickel. She gave it an awesome write up like a month or 2 ago. But that doesn't mean anything.

Anonymous said...

how come no one has tried looking into Melissa's email account???????????? hum???